Al Roker Leaves ‘Today Show’ Studios For Wine & New Project

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Al Roker revealed that he’s leaving the Today Show studios for wine and a new project. He’s heading out to Sonoma Valley to make it happen. Keep on reading to get the new details.

Al Roker refuses to follow instructions

Fans noticed that Al Roker refused to follow instructions. On Monday’s broadcast of the Today Show, he struggled during a live fitness segment. As Lone Tree Voice previously reported, he was too comfortable laying on the floor. Al wasn’t interested in learning the next exercise routine.

Al Roker [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

Al participated in a fitness segment with co-hosts Craig Melvin, Dylan Dreyer, and Jacob Soboroff. They spoke to SoulCycle Master Instructor Laurie Cole for “Start Today.” Once they go to the foam rolling exercises, Al felt too comfortable on the floor. He didn’t want to do the quad roll, which was a difficult exercise for him.

His co-anchors managed to pull themselves back up. However, Al Roker lay on the floor, seemingly content with himself. He assured them that he didn’t need any help. Al just didn’t want to get back up to do the next exercise. The weatherman joked that he was going to stay on the floor.

Leaving the Today Show studios

Al Roker announced that he’s leaving the Today Show studios. He’s traveling to Sonoma “with a little vino.” This is part of the “Start Today Challenge.” Also, on Monday, Al shared the announcement in an Instagram video. He took a walk around sunny Central Park as he gave his fans a head’s up about his new project.

“Hey everybody. I hope you’re having a great afternoon,” Al Roker said. “The weather is spectacular. I’m out here in the park, getting some steps in, taking my time. I hope you will be joining us in Sonoma for our first-ever Start Today Wellness get-together.”

Al teased the upcoming guests on the morning show. He will be interacting with the chefs from Sonoma Valley during his time there. The fan-favorite teased that he will be having “a little vino.”

Al Roker Walks Around Central Park [Source: Al Roker - Instagram]
[Source: Al Roker – Instagram]

Al Roker encourages fans to move

Al Roker finished off his message by telling his followers to have a great day. He enjoyed the beautiful spring weather in the neighborhood. The flowers have started blooming in New York City. He also revealed when fans can catch him live from the west coast.

“Don’t forget, on Friday, coming up, Start Today, live from Sonoma,” Al Roker shared. “Well, almost live. Anyway, talk to you soon.”

Al Roker Leads The Way [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

“Start Today” is a segment that encourages Today Show fans to walk and get their steps in every day. Al Roker loves to take walks. However, he will have to undergo knee replacement surgery soon. What are your thoughts on Al leaving the Today studios for wine and a new project? Sound off below in the comment section.

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