Alec Baldwin may escape 5-yr prison sentence in ‘Rust’ shooting case

Actor Alec Baldwin was criminally charged for accidentally yet tragically shooting Halyna Hutchins during the making of a movie. But recently, the New Mexico prosecutors had to drop the charge that included the provision of a five-year sentence in prison. This information was reported by Fox News on Monday.

Baldwin is expected to receive a maximum 8-month sentence if he is found guilty of manslaughtering Hutchins on the set of the Rust movie. Halyna Hutchins was the 42-year-old cinematographer of the movie who died of that gunshot. In Baldwin’s defense, he was told that the gun was not loaded in the minutes before he started doing his rehearsal for the scene of the gunfight.

According to Baldwin’s lawyers, the state committed the most basic constitutional violation by not considering this point. If the defendant has been reckless and has not followed the safety precautions, then it has raised his chance of getting imprisonment for five whole years. The major issue arising out of it is that the above-mentioned enhancement was not a part of New Mexico law during the shooting of Rust. According to the ex post facto principle, the charge is invalid.

Baldwin’s weapons supervisor on the set of the film and co-defendant, Hannah Gutierrez -Reed, was also dismissed from this sentence because of the new enhancement. District Attorney during this case, Mary Carmack-Altwies, was considered incapable of judging errors because of this reason.

According to Mary Carmack-Altwies, the defenders of Alec Baldwin are not considering the negligence of safety precautions on the set of the movie Rust that led to the death of its cinematographer Halyna. This statement was given by her after the defense lawyers filed their points.

This is considered ridiculous because, in every important criminal case, it becomes the responsibility of the defense lawyers to file various motions to provide relief to the defender and dismiss or suppress the evidence. It is considered a major process and should not be insulted by prosecutors to manipulate public opinion if the process is done in a rightful way.

It is now proved that the prosecutors have committed an error, and instead of living up to it, they are trying their best to sabotage the process and ban the securing of bail for important reasons. The defense lawyers have proved their point and turned out to be right in this case, and hence the charges are dropped.

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