A’s Fans Planning ‘Reverse Boycott’ for June 13; Oakland Ranks Last in MLB Attendance

Oakland Athletics supporters want to show the baseball world the fanbase is still there, even if it hasn’t been attending games of late for a number of reasons.

Jason Burke of FanNation noted former season-ticket holder Stu Clary helped organize a reverse boycott at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum for the game against the Tampa Bay Rays on June 13.

The idea is the fans will pack the park and show they still want to support the club despite poor attendance trends.

Oakland was last in MLB with an average attendance of 9,973 fans per game in 2022 and again ranks last in the early going this season at 12,254 fans per game.

“We picked June 13 because we wanted to come up with a random weeknight game vs. someone other than Giants, Yankees or Red Sox—in other words a game that would be poorly attended ordinarily,” Clary told Burke.

Burke explained that Oakland supporters have grown “tired of the team’s ownership and the direction of the team,” especially with the possibility owner John Fisher will move the team to Las Vegas if he gets his desired outcome.

What’s more, ticket prices have increased in recent seasons even while the team struggles on the field.

The Athletics haven’t made it past the American League Division Series since the 2006 season and are coming off a dreadful 60-102 campaign in 2022. Things don’t look much better this year with a 3-13 record through 16 games.

Attendance numbers likely won’t turn around throughout the summer if the losing continues.

But they apparently will for one night.