Ben Higgins Breaks Silence On ‘Bachelor Senior’ Show

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Former Bachelor Ben Higgins is sharing his thoughts on the senior edition of the show. The show has been rumored since 2020 and fans are all here for it. Ben is also here for it and maybe the biggest supporter of them all. Keep reading to find out what he had to say about the spin-off.

Ben Higgins breaks silence on senior edition of The Bachelor

Bachelor Ben Higgins spoke with US Weekly where he shared his thoughts on the rumored senior edition of the show. Ben revealed that he thinks the show needs something to revive it and save it from potential collapse. The show isn’t what it used to be for many reasons. Ben believes the reason for the drop in viewers has a lot to do with social media and other streaming dating shows.  He believes it is time for the show to get an upgrade and modernize.

How can that be done? As for Ben, if he were in charge he revealed his big project would be the senior edition of The Bachelor. Here’s why. Ben feels leaning toward this spin-off would be the way to go. It’s something the world hasn’t seen before. Plus, it has the potential to take The Bachelor back to what it used to be.

He feels the stories told by the leads and the contestants would be heartwrenching and inspiring. Everyone involved in dating on the show would be taking a risk and doing something new. Ben believes the contestants would have tons of life experience to share with the world.

Ben Higgins, Instagram

The show could also be intriguing to younger adults who are so different than the generation that would be looking for love. Ben said, “I think this would be great. So I would just lean into that. [I] think it could replace a season of the show because I think it would be a home run.”


Does he want to be involved?

Ben Higgins also dished on whether or not he’d want to be a part of the new senior spin-off. In short, the answer is yes. He admitted that since seeing the first commercial regarding the elderly Bachelor that he has made it known he would love to host it.  Ben said, “I’m not asking for a lot from the show. I haven’t asked for anything in years, but I am making sure that it is known that if they need somebody — I’m not trying to take Jesse Palmer away from the show — just let me, like, be there as the medicine passer outer or, like, not the bartender, just let me figure out what blue pill to put in the bottle.”

Ben Higgins, Instagram

What do you think about really kicking off the senior edition of The Bachelor? Previous rumors have said that the spin-off could begin filming this summer. So far there has been no word if a lead has been discovered.

Stay tuned for more updates.