Billie Lee Not Picking Sides In ‘Scandoval’ Drama

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Billie Lee is not picking sides in the “Scandoval” drama. She is on both Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval’s side. Yet, fans want her to choose a side just like they do whenever a couple breaks up on the Bravo show. Billie stepped out with Sandoval on Friday night after she supported Ariana on social media. Pump Rules fans called her a hypocrite, and Kristen Doute shared her thoughts. Find out what Billie has to say about this drama.

Billie Lee refuses to choose sides

In her interview with Entertainment Tonight, Billie Lee revealed she’s refusing to choose between Ariana and Sandoval. The 39-year-old isn’t interested in choosing a team. In the latest photos, Billie left Sandoval’s home in the same clothes she wore the night before. The two ended up spending the entire weekend together.

“Tom and Ariana are my family. They have been there for me over the years and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them,” Billie Lee told Entertainment Tonight. “It saddens me that people are so fixated on picking a side. Both are human and both are hurting in their own ways.”

Billie Lee Fights With Scheana & Ariana [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

The former Vanderpump Rules co-star says she will continue to support “both parties.” Billie says she wants to continue to live this way rather than have to choose sides. She said the cheating scandal doesn’t should be “so divisive.” Billie claims that both Ariana and Sandoval are happy without one another.

She also defended the TomTom co-manager amid the cheating scandal. Billie claims he’s been “working hard on himself.” The reality star will “continue to love and support him unconditionally.” She recently caught backlash for hanging out with Sandoval on Friday, April 14. Even Kristen slammed Billie for hanging out with Sandoval when she was also at Ariana’s home when the news of her breakup broke.

Feuds with Kristen Doute

Kristen also revealed that Billie Lee was crying after she learned about the “Scandoval.” Billie didn’t let Kristen have the final say. She defended her reasoning in the comment section.

“Ya, I was cryings because they BOTH are my family!” Billie Lee repeated. “It was sad and still is! What were you doing while I was crying?”

She called out Kristen for “taking selfies with everyone including Ariana.” Billie called the moment “fake” and “performative.” Ariana has since unfollowed Billie Lee amid this latest drama. Meanwhile, Sandoval called out Mirval Resorts for exposing his upcoming stay on his Instagram Stories.

Just when you think the “Scandoval” dies down, it continues. What are your thoughts on Billie Lee not picking sides? Do you think she should? Sound off below in the comment section.

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