Bird flu continues to spread to new countries, threatens non-stop ‘war’ on poultry

Bird flu spreading over the globe continuously has threatened stocks of poultry supply. This is a very deadly disease for the poultries. Its effect is so dangerous that if one bird is tested positive, the whole flock is culled.

Several wild bird species have been affected by this avian-borne disease for the first time. These species can transmit the virus to the poultry business very easily. This was stated by different veterinarians and disease experts in their interviews.

Specialists in medicine have now designated this disease as a year-round problem as the poultry farms are struggling to protect their flocks. According to the experts, it is directly observed that water fouls like ducks and geese are carriers of the bird flu virus, but the symptoms are unrecognizable. They do not appear sick. Due to this, the virus spreads easily to domestic poultry like chickens and Turkeys.

Wild birds are the main reason behind the spread of the virus. Wild birds being assertive, do not die easily but carry the virus inside them. They introduce the virus to the poultry through contaminated bodily waste products.

Several experts and farmers from four continents have given their views about this situation. They have warned about the wild birds being the silent carrier that can affect poultry birds. An increase in the number of outbreaks in the poultry farm industry will remain a constant threat to the world’s food supply.

The facility staff of the poultry has to update themselves and maintain a lookout for outbreaks all over the year instead of just focusing on seasonal migration.

Due to this situation caused by avian-borne disease, inflation all over the world has skyrocketed the price of eggs globally.

Irrespective of the weather conditions, the virus has spread vigorously. The effects of this virus have been seen throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Farmers around Britain, the United States, France, and Japan have suffered a lot and faced huge losses due to the outbreak of the bird flu in the past year. This has made my poultry farmers’ life miserable, and they feel helpless about it.

A virulent strain reached the United States in early 2022 that had a resemblance to the Bird Flu cases in Europe and Asia.

The US government data has shown that poultry deaths all around the US have reached their maximum height of 58 million birds this year. This data surpasses the previous records of death in the year 2015.