Christine Brown Flaunts New Slim Bod In Tight Jeans

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Christine Brown from TLC’s Sister Wives has been moving on with her life since she left Kody Brown. She was the first of his wives to leave the marriage after years of being unhappy. Since leaving him, Christine has worked more on herself. Part of this has been losing weight and getting her body to the way it was before children. She recently shocked her fans with a video on Instagram wearing some tight jeans.

Fans Applaud Christine Brown’s Figure

Christine and Janelle Brown have both been pushing Plexus products for years. These products have helped both women lose a lot of weight. In her most recent video on Instagram, Christine made a shake on camera with these products. Her video was a way to boost a spring challenge for the Plexus brand. She made three different shakes on camera and told fans that they could try them too. She gave her fans a special code where they could save money if they ordered from her. The shakes weren’t the only thing that her fans noticed.

Christine Brown- Instagram
Christine Brown- Instagram

Fans were quick to point out just how much weight Christine Brown has lost since leaving Kody. It was clear in her video that she has continued to keep her weight down. Some fans feel that being in love again has really pushed her to thrive. Now that Christine is dating David Woolley, she has seemed happier than ever. She constantly praises him on social media and the two of them seem very much in love.

Christine’s Tight Clothing Choices

This isn’t the first time that Christine Brown has been praised for her amazing weight loss. In fact, she has been flaunting her figure in tight pants and short skirts. She has been showing off a new style too. Christine has been seen in some skin-tight pants with a cowboy hat on and dancing for fans. This thrilled fans to see her being so comfortable in her own skin these days. Of course, in these videos of her dancing, she is also pushing Plexus products and how they can help anyone lose weight.

Christine Brown- Instagram
Christine Brown- Instagram

Christine seems to make decent money selling Plexus products, but her fans are really here to see her grow and change. They loved watching her change her life and fall in love again. Her fans also enjoy the pictures of her with her grandchildren. Christine has taken on a new life since leaving Kody and it really does look amazing on her!

What do you think of Christine’s weight loss? Do you think that she is losing too much? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay with us, here at TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives.