‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Todd Kochutin’s Death Still Bit Of Mystery

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Crab fishing is the most dangerous job in the world, as shown in Deadliest Catch. Unfortunately, tragedy happens. Todd Kochutin is one of the most recent stars of the Discovery show to die at the age of 30.

However, his death was under mysterious circumstances. How did this crab fisherman die at 30?

What Happened To Deadliest Catch Star Todd Kochutin?

Over the years, Deadliest Catch fans have lost some fan favorites. Firstly, the most memorable death is that of the Legendary F/V Cornelia Marie Captain, Phil Harris.  Captain Phil died of an intracranial hemorrhage. Viewers saw his collapse, not long after he confronted his youngest son’s drug use. While Jake Harris went off to rehab, Phil was taken to the hospital. One minute he was laughing on the show and the next scene he was gone.

However, he wanted the cameras running the whole time. Harris wanted viewers to see the realities of fishing on the Bering Sea. He suffered from bad health due to the high stress

Deadliest Catch-https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3068256016556422&set=pb.100001161609902.-2207520000.&type=3
Deadliest Catch-https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3068256016556422&set=pb.100001161609902.-2207520000.&type=3

When it comes to the late F/V Patricia Lee crew member Todd Kochutin, his tragic death happened on the job, but not on camera. Fans of the series had to piece this together over a year after his February 26, 2021 death.

People reported that Discovery UK shared video footage in April 2022 of the reaction of crew members from the 2021 fishing expedition. Cameras showed Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski learned on the radio that someone on that fishing boat needed medical attention.

In addition, there were clips of the crew of Captain Rip Carlton’s boat. The F/V Patricia Lee fishermen learned that deckhand Todd Kochutin died from injuries that you can only get working on a crab boat. An 800-pound crab pot knocked right into him, fatally injuring the young fisherman.

Todd’s obituary stated that he was a “passionate fisherman,” fishing crap, opioid, pollock, and Pacific cod. He will be remembered for his upbeat personality and love of fishing.

Deja Vu For Captain Rip Carlton

Deadliest Catch star Captain Rip Carlton lost one deckhand when a pot crushed Todd Kochutin. Less than a year later, another fisherman got crushed on the same boat. In the early fall of 2022, Frances Katungin was also crushed by a crab pot.

A rogue wave loosened the pot, and it escaped the launcher. In mere seconds, that pot escaped.

The 39-year-old was pinned against the railing by the gigantic pot. Thankfully, he survived. But, not without Deadliest Catch producer Todd Stanley administering first aid. He broke his hip and had serious pelvic damage.

Now, Rip has to steer in another direction to get treatment for his crew member. This will take 16 hours to get near the Coast Guard helicopter, but this will help get the wounded crewman the medical help he needed.

Deadliest Catch-https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2036879233027444&set=pb.100001161609902.-2207520000.&type=3
Deadliest Catch-https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2036879233027444&set=pb.100001161609902.-2207520000.&type=3

Deadliest Catch Captain Sympathizes

When Frances was injured, former F/V Cornelia Marie co-captain Casey McManus was shown in the video, on the radio, sympathizing with the other captain. “Last year, Todd was killed on that boat. He then added, “Now, he’s having another guy get crushed.”

Did you piece together what happened to Deadliest Catch star Todd Kochutin?