Shakira’s participation in the World Cup in jeopardy: the singer could back out after criticism received

Shakira may not finally be at the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Qatar, which is scheduled for this Sunday. The Colombian singer, who for now has not expressed herself officially, would have refused to be at the soccer event after the criticism received for her presence in a country that limits fundamental social rights.

After the refusal of Rod Stewart, who recently said he had rejected the offer of the organizers amounting to one million pounds, Shakira was deeply marked in this regard, and many voices were raised against the singer from Barranquilla for supporting a state like Qatar, thinking more in economic business than in social freedoms.

It is no secret that Shakira has always been deeply committed to inequality and human rights, as evidenced by the fact that she has launched her own foundation, Pies Descalzos, created in 1997 with the aim of helping underprivileged children in her country, through powerful tools such as the education sector.

Shakira’s participation in this year’s World Cup has generated a debate that goes beyond the event, and that puts in the spotlight all those professionals who collaborate with the Qatari state, and that not only affects the organization or the athletes. So far, the presence of the Colombian singer was considered a certainty, but social pressures and criticism against the artist in recent hours seem to have changed the interpreter’s mind, who finally opted not to sing at the opening ceremony.

Shakira is now in a good moment of popularity, with her brand strengthened after the separation from footballer Gerard Piqué, and after which many have wanted to position themselves on the side of the Colombian singer. It is a particularly unstable year in this sense for the singer who, after her problems with the Treasury, saw how her personal brand was somewhat affected, and then rebounded again after the infidelities of her ex-partner became public.

The singer, who is facing one of her most complicated years, also because of her father’s health, feels somewhat relieved after reaching an agreement with Piqué for the custody of their children, and although her immediate plans are to move to live in Miami, the cradle of Latin music, and focus on the launch of her new album next year, she still has major headaches, such as the pending lawsuit by Hacienda or, in the coming hours, explain to the world a decision that can bring her great visibility and economic benefits, but that could also harm her personal brand. Business or strengthening his image, that is now the internal debate that is on the table.