Sting did not have the strength to sing and left the stage. Fans did not know that he would apologize to them in such a way

Many Dutch fans of Sting had long awaited his concert. When he entered the Amsterdam stage, they could not hide their delight. However, due to illness, he had to end his performance after an hour. The musician changed the mood of the sad fans with one beautiful gesture.

– It was clear from the beginning that Sting was not in top form. His voice was “hoarse” and he could not reach his full potential. He tried to do his best. He sang only in a low tone, performing the song acoustically with the help of choruses”

As the woman adds, after less than an hour the musician stopped the concert, explaining that he had an incredible sore throat. Sting’s fans were disappointed that the performance ended prematurely, but most understood the situation. Everyone peacefully dispersed.

In his departing remarks, Sting only threw in that he would make it up to everyone, but it was not clear how. – This morning I received a message that a new concert has been scheduled for all those who attended Thursday’s concert, without any surcharges or paying extra money.

Our reader’s words are confirmed by the Dutch media. The opinionated Dutch portal notes in its coverage of the concert that Sting always has his son perform in support.

Sting – who is it?
Sting’s real name is Gordon Matthew Sumner. Born in the UK in 1951, he is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer. In the 1970s and 1980s he was the lead singer of the band The Police. He has received major art awards for his work – Grammy, Golden Globes, Oscar and Emmy Awards. He released 16 studio albums and six live albums. His 1985 debut album. “The Dream of the Blue Turtles” earned double-platinum status in the British Isles and triple-platinum status in the US.