Film Employees Federation of Kerala Are Not Happy with the Way Actors Behave on Sets and This Is Why!

A new controversy has broken out in the Malayalam film industry as the Film Employees Federation of Kerala (FEFKA) on Tuesday expressed its displeasure over the way “some” of the actors behave. The FEFKA is the apex body of 19 different organisations that include drivers to directors and its General Secretary, director B. Unnikrishnan said things are reaching a point of difficulty over the way some actors are behaving. “Before every film starts, the actors have to ink an agreement which has been cleared by the AMMA (Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes), but it has now come to notice that it’s not being done.” Association of Malayalam Movie Artists Suffers After GST Department Issues Notice Seeking Immediate Payment of Rs 4.36 Crore.

“The problem now is certain actors are giving same dates and time to different directors and producers and if they sign the agreement, they know they will be in trouble and hence, they don’t do it,” he said. “Another new problem that has now surfaced is some actors insist they be called when the film editing is being done and also others, who the actors say, also should be allowed to see the editing,” Unnikrishnan added. Innocent No More: All You Need to Know About the Malayalam Actor Who was AMMA President, Ex-Rajya Sabha MP and Two-Time Cancer Survivor.

Even though he did not name these “trouble-makers”, he dropped enough hints by saying that not all actors are acting so, but some of them. According to those in the know of things, the trouble makers are a few of the new generation actors. Now with the FEFKA firing the first salvo, all eyes are on the superstar Mohanlal- headed AMMA on how they respond to the charges.

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