Florida Republicans seek to ban abortions after six weeks of pregnancy

On Tuesday, the Republican Party of Florida proceeded with the filling of the bill by its legislation. This bill was the ban abortion after being pregnant for six weeks. This ban is exempted from application over rape victims only if they provide authentic, official proof of their condition or the crime.

Last year the approved law was way too harsh. The legislation formed by the Lawmakers and the Senate focused on abortion being illegal after two weeks of pregnancy or missing the period. This was approved last year.

The new proposal of legislation is strongly supported by Gov. Ron DeSantis. On Tuesday, in the State-to-State speech in Tallahassee, DeSantis said he is proud to be pro-family and pro-life. He also informed a few reporters about his take on turning the bill into law soon.

There is a huge majority of Republicans who support the bill. This prevented the Democrats from opposing the legislation in the procedure. This bill has not received any force of opposition from any direction.

This bill of DeSantis is a sign of his support and tilt towards the hard conservative right side. This is a signal of his approach that is going to be visible in 2024’s election. There was a great change in the political situation of Florida; in recent years, it has shifted to a Republican state from a perennial swing condition. The State has undergone a huge transition after getting reforms in various fields.

There was no major opposition to the abortion bill, but still, huge criticism was received from the Democrats. Karine Jean-Pierre, one of the White House spokespersons, talked about the demerits of the proposal. She said it would be harsh on many women not only in Florida but also in the neighboring states.

Karine said that the Governor believes in freedom for all, but this situation is different. Here the health care decisions of the women are taken away by proposing the bill. If this bill gets approved, women cannot make decisions for their own bodies. This situation will have a lot of consequences, said the lady.

There are several discussions going on about the bill and its step toward approval. Many people gave their views on the topic and shared different points of view about the same. The legal proceeding is still going on, and it will soon come to an end with the results of the ban on abortion.

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