How Far Did Jack Nicklaus Drive The Ball?

Jack Nicklaus was famously one of the most powerful drivers of the ball through his long and illustrious career. It’s difficult to make comparisons with today’s players because of the equipment he was using but safe to say, he was pretty long and anecdotal evidence would suggest he would have held his own with the modern big guns.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t the data we have today for us to be certain on Nicklaus’ average driving distance when he was in his pomp. The first year the PGA Tour has records for is 1980 when Jack was 40. Even then he ranked 10th in driving distance for the season with an average of 269 yards. It should be noted, he also ranked 13th in driving accuracy that season. With a total driving score of 23 (the two rankings added together) it remains the greatest recorded season of all-round driving on the PGA Tour.