Coke is giving its cans a makeover

Coca-Cola is fighting for your attention.

The company is unveiling a new look for flavored Coke products this month, and it has a new Coke variety coming in a few weeks. It’s part of the company’s renewed focus on its Coke brand, as it dumps niche products and tries to drum up excitement for its core beverages. In the United States, new versions of Cherry Coke cans and bottles are magenta, with the white Coca-Cola logo emblazoned on the regular version and a black Coca-Cola logo on the Zero Sugar version. The new Vanilla Coke cans and bottles are cream-colored, and the Cherry Vanilla flavor’s new packaging is a mix of the two (heavy on the magenta).

Coke with zero caffeine as well as Coke with zero caffeine and no sugar also have new looks, keeping with these designs. The company decided in 2020 to cut its portfolio in half, dropping its underperforming brands and focusing on its most powerful ones, like Coke. Now, Coca-Cola (KO) is working on refreshing Coke’s look and enticing new customers with new products. The new packages will start to hit shelves in late January.

Updates to the flavored Coke packages are designed to “modernize and simplify the look … [and] help consumers find the flavor they’re looking for on the shelf,” said Natalia Suarez, senior brand manager of Coke Choice Portfolio, the company’s North America operating unit. The updated cans are supposed to “quickly communicate flavors and clearly distinguish between full-sugar and zero-sugar/calorie-free options,” she added.