Inmate strolls out of jail by impersonating cellmate

This guy is good at impressions.

An inmate was remarkably allowed to stroll out the front door of a Washington state jail after fooling guards into thinking he was his cellmate — who was set to be released that day.

Brian Francisco Roman, 26, remains on the run after his not-so-subtle escape from the Cowlitz County jail on Monday, the sheriff’s office said.

He made a break for it after a corrections officer went to his cell to contact the inmate scheduled for release, but found all three men — including Roman — asleep.

Brian Francisco Roman, 26, was captured on surveillance video leaving the Cowlitz County jail on Monday after pretending to be his cellmate — who was scheduled to be released, authorities said.
Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office

When the officer called out for the inmate, whose identity is being withheld by cops, Roman — originally jailed for dealing drugs — claimed to be the other person and went with the guard to be processed out of custody, the sheriff’s office said.

Roman was then given his cellmate’s property, including his clothing, keys and wallet, which contained his ID and debit card.

He also signed the discharge paperwork by forging the other inmate’s name, according to authorities.

A surveillance image shows Roman clutching some forms as he left the jail dressed in his cellmate’s clothing.

Brian Francisco Roman's mugshot
Roman, who was in jail for dealing drugs, remains on the run after his not-so-subtle escape.
Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office

Jail guards only realized their stuff-up when Roman’s cellmate flagged them down and asked when he was going to be released. It is not clear if he is suspected of aiding his cellmate’s escape.

In their defense, jail staff claimed Roman and his cellmate have similar physical features.

An arrest warrant was subsequently issued for Roman’s arrest, adding charges of escape, criminal impersonation, forgery and theft.

Authorities say he was last seen wearing a blue hoodie, a black shirt, gray sweatpants, and brown slippers.