Katy Perry booed on ‘American Idol’ for criticizing contestant

So much for igniting the light and letting it shine.

Katy Perry was booed on “American Idol” Monday night for trying to dim a contestant’s sparkle.

The 38-year-old “Firework” singer advised “Idol” hopeful Nutsa, 26, to switch up her glimmering silver dress, matching boots and pop diva dance moves for a more stripped-back show after the contestant performed a high-energy cover of “Paris (Ooh La La)” by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.

“Nutsa, every time you take the stage it’s like you glitter bomb the stage,” Perry started her critique.

“Listen, one thing that I would like to see from you is not one piece of glitter the next time. I know that is going to be hard.”

“Liner, maybe. Just the [glitter] eyeliner,” Nutsa compromised on the feedback.

The crowd at Aulani, Disney Resort & Spa in Kapolei, Hawaii, audibly disagreed with Perry and a sea of boos rushed in.

Fellow judges Luke Bryan, 46, and Lionel Richie, 73, rose to their feet, in awe at the reaction.

“Yes! Katy got booed!” Bryan exclaimed.

“Okay, first time in six seasons. Woohoo!” Perry clapped back.

Nutsa, 26, worked the stage in a glittery outfit on Monday’s episode.
American Idol/ABC

Katy Perry Gets Booed By ‘American Idol’ Audience After Telling A Contestant To Lay Off The Glitter
Perry, however, suggested that viewers might want to see a toned-down version of the hopeful.
American Idol/ABC

Perry continued: “What I’m saying is that I’d like you to flip the script. I think we want to be pulled in by our hearts, too. I’d love to see that and America might too.”

The Post has contacted reps for “Idol” and Perry for comment.

Katy Perry Gets Booed By ‘American Idol’ Audience After Telling A Contestant To Lay Off The Glitter
Perry said Nutsa is like a “glitter bomb” when she performs.
American Idol/ABC

Fans previously criticized Perry for making contestants, including Nutsa, go through “psychological warfare” by making them believe that they didn’t make it to the show’s Top 26. Many contestants got emotional about their journey seemingly being over until Perry revealed that they were moving on to the next round.

Perry was also accused of mom-shaming quirky 25-year-old contestant Sara Beth Liebe during her audition. She then tried to redeem herself by begging Liebe not to leave the competition to return to her family, but ultimately failed.