Ken Jennings slams ‘Jeopardy!’ fan who questioned clue: ‘Buy a dictionary!’

He Ken-not even with this fan.

“Jeopardy!” host Ken Jennings got into a Twitter tiff with a viewer who claimed a seemingly correct answer from Friday’s episode was incorrect.

A fan of the trivia show tweeted to the champ, claiming that the answer for the $200 question under the “Potent Potable Rhyme Time” category did not actually rhyme.

The clue provided read: “Rice wine for the guy who rides a racehorse.”

One of the contestants, Kari Elsila, rang in immediately with, “What is ‘sake’ and ‘jockey’?”

The answer was referring to the Japanese alcoholic beverage, which is pronounced to rhyme with “jockey,” according to Merriam-Webster, though the show reportedly uses the Oxford English Dictionary for reference.

That prompted the viewer’s attempt at correction.

“Dear @Jeopardy writers ‘Sake’ and ‘Jockey’ are not rhyming words,” wrote the fan before tagging Jennings, 48, in a separate tweet.

Jennings then clapped back at the viewer.

“I am once again asking Americans to buy a dictionary,” slammed Jennings in his reply, which included photos of both words phonetically spelled out.

One of the contestants appearing on the show, Kari Elsila, rang in immediately.

Unfortunately, that was not the end of it.

“Love when English changes foreign words, I guess,” responded the Twitter user.

Jennings refused to back down as well.

The clue provided read "Rice wine for the guy who rides a racehorse."
The “Potent Potable Rhyme Time” clue provided read: “Rice wine for the guy who rides a racehorse.”

"Jeopardy!" host Ken Jennings (left) and Kari Elsila were the subject of an online troll who claimed both the contestant and host were wrong about an answer's punctuation.
Jennings and Elsila pose together on the set of “Jeopardy!”

“Yeah, I’m always mad when people say the ‘s’ in Paris. Shameful,” jeered Jennings.

“Wonder what English would sound like if all our borrowed words were pronounced correctly, actually,” chided the Twitter fan.

Meanwhile, a similar battle raged on the game show’s YouTube page.

"Dear @Jeopardy writers 'Sake' and 'Jockey' are not rhyming words," tweeted the fan before tagging Jennings in a separate tweet.
“Dear @Jeopardy writers ‘Sake’ and ‘Jockey’ are not rhyming words,” tweeted one fan.

“Everybody who doesn’t have an American accent will be immediately irritated by the first clue so transparently not rhyming in any accent without the caught-cot merger,” said one fan.

“Gah! ‘Sake’ does NOT rhyme with ‘jockey,’” one exasperated commenter said. “‘Sake’ is pronounced just as it’s spelled: sa-ke. Sah-keh, phonetically. The ‘e’ in Japanese is like the ‘e’ in the English word ‘let.’ If it rhymed with ‘jockey’ it would be ‘saki.’”

In fact, numerous online sources do indeed suggest that it is pronounced, “sah-keh.”

The Post has reached out to Jennings for comment.

This is not the first time the game show host has been scolded online.

Last month, Jennings was trolled when viewers claimed he “robbed” a contestant of his points after the competitor mispronounced an answer.

“After the Last Supper, Jesus traveled to this garden to pray & was arrested there,” read the $1,600 clue.

Contestant Kevin Manning rang in with the correct answer of the Garden of Gethsemane, which is pronounced, “Geth-SEH-muh-nee.”

However, Manning pronounced the hard “g” sound — like “gate,” which is correct — in the beginning and a “d” sound — rather than an “n” — on the last syllable.

Jennings pronounced the answer incorrectly and moved on to another contestant, who said the location with an “n” sound at the end but also offered a soft “g” — like “gel,” which is incorrect.

“Yeah, we just needed the ‘n’ in Gethsemane — that’s correct,” said Jennings, who also pronounced the name with a soft “g.”

Online viewers were quick to denounce the host.

“Uhhhh @Jeopardy —-Who decided on the correct pronunciation of ‘Gethsemane’?? I need to hear that again,” tweeted one user.