Lego’s new ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ sets are all about speed

Lego has already gone to the Sonic the Hedgehog well for a iconic Green Hill Zone, but now the toy brick company is preparing even more Sonic-inspired play sets. Even cooler for true-blue fans? One set is built around speed, a concept the zippy hedgehog is intimately familiar with.

Sonic’s Speed Sphere Challenge ships with and it’s exactly what it sounds like. You pop Sonic, or any other character, into the plastic sphere and use the velocity mechanism to send it careening through the course, loops and all. In other words, this playset seeks to recreate the actual feel of playing through an old-school 2D Sonic level. The set ships with nearly 300 pieces to rearrange how you like.

Other sets include Tail’s Worksop and Tornado Plane, which ships with nearly 400 pieces, and Amy’s Animal Rescue Island. Like all Lego sets, they are designed for mix-and-match scenarios in the hopes that you buy them all to create a glorious Franken-stage that takes up your entire house. To that end, you can use the speed sphere launcher with any of these sets, so long as there’s enough room for the Blue Blur to do his thing.

Lego’s new Sonic-inspired play sets begin shipping on August 1st and range in price from $35 to $50. The dashing hedgehog with the extreme 1990s attitude is not the only Lego star pulled from a video game. The company has made , Overwatch, Minecraft and more.

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