Lenovo Introduces Latest AMD and Intel Chips to Lineup at MWC

Lenovo has unveiled a suite of new ThinkPad laptops at this year’s Mobile World Congress, with the bulk of the upgrades being spec refreshes. The changes span Lenovo’s AMD Z series, ThinkPad X13, 13 Yoga, T, and L-series refreshes, and the ThinkPad E-series aimed at small businesses. The all-AMD Z14 and Z16 receive a second generation.

The Z13 and Z16 Gen 2 are both powered by AMD Ryzen 7000-series processors, with the Z13 using integrated Radeon graphics, while the Z16 will have the option for a discrete AMD Radeon 6550M. Both will contain up to 64GB of RAM and 2TB of SSD storage.

On the X series, Lenovo claims to be shrinking down bezels for a higher-screen-to-body ratio, and there’s an optional 5-megapixel camera with infrared. The clamshell version is also introduced with a 13.3-inch 2880 x 1800 OLED screen with Dolby Vision support. Lenovo’s T series is getting incremental enhancements, including sustainable materials and the optional 5 MP camera.

The ThinkPad T14 Gen 5, T16 Gen 2, and T14s Gen 4 will all have the feature of a 2880 x 1880 OLED panel. The lower-cost L-series will include a new blue-light display configuration option for the L13 Gen 5 and L13 Yoga Gen 5, while the L14 Gen 4 and L15 Gen 4 will have more capacity storage options than before at 2TB.

Finally, Lenovo is positioning its E-series towards small and medium-sized businesses, with the ThinkPad E15 Gen 5 getting a refresh alongside a new, larger ThinkPad E16. The E series is approaching to 16:10 for the first time with both Intel and AMD processors. The E14 Gen 5 is set to launch for $739 in May, while the E16 Gen 1 will start at $759.

The future

Overall, these new laptops demonstrate Lenovo’s commitment to offering a wide range of options across different price points and feature sets. The company’s focus on sustainability, with the use of recycled aluminum and other environmentally friendly materials, is also a welcome development.

While there aren’t any groundbreaking changes or features among these new models, the spec refreshes and design tweaks should be enough to keep the ThinkPad line competitive in the market. The ThinkPad has long been a popular choice among business users, and these updates should ensure that it continues to be a reliable and well-regarded option for years to come.