‘Live With Kelly And Mark’ Viewers Say The New Format Won’t Last

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Can Live with Kelly and Mark last?

The Live show has undergone many format changes over the years. The most recent transformation happened when cohost Ryan Seacrest announced he would step down. Current hostess Kelly Ripa’s husband Mark Consuelos took over his spot.

While some fans felt hopeful that this change would breathe new life into the show, many expressed concern that the show would go downhill after Ryan Seacrest’s departure.

And after Mark Consuelos’ first few episodes, it doesn’t seem like Live fans are very impressed. What are fans currently saying about the long-time talk show?

Live with Kelly and Mark seems to bore fans and lose viewers

Mark Consuelos hasn’t been the cohost of Live long, but it already seems like fans are sick of the new format. He joined his wife Kelly Ripa on the talk show starting April 17, 2023. But now, viewers think it’ll be a matter of time before ABC rethinks casting or completely yanks the show altogether.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos from Instagram, Live with Kelly and Mark, ABC
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Overall, it seems like viewers found the new format boring. After the first few episodes aired, Live with Kelly and Mark viewers had no problem expressing their opinions on Twitter. According to several Twitter users, Kelly and Mark talk a lot about their family life — which viewers apparently don’t have much interest in.

“#KellyAndMark show is just dumb!” one Twitter user wrote. “This morning they were talking about how [Mark] snores at night! Wtf! had to instantly change the channel at my job.”

Another user wondered how long it would be until the show took a toll on their marriage. After all, hosting a daily morning talk show with a spouse could definitely put a strain on things.

Of course, there are other viewers who support the new direction and look forward to seeing more of the married couple onscreen.

So how exactly do you feel about the show’s new format? Are you a Mark Consuelos supporter or do you wish Ryan Seacrest would return? Share what’s on your mind in the comments below.

Kelly Ripa has a wardrobe malfunction during a live episode

Live with Kelly and Mark has only produced a few episodes so far. Even if fans really hate the new format, there’s still plenty of time to grow.

And things aren’t always boring onset — Kelly Ripa had an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction in the middle of an episode this week.

DWTS pros Val Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson joined Mark and Kelly onset to teach them a Jive. But in the middle of the routine, Kelly apparently ripped her dress.

Luckily, Kelly brushed it off and even laughed about the situation. She took it all in stride and quickly moved on.

Fans may not be so impressed with the show so far, but several are willing to hang on and hope that it improves.

Check back soon for more news and updates on Live with Kelly and Mark. There will be more news to share very soon.