‘LPBW’ Fans Want Tori Roloff To Grow Up, Copying Audrey Again?

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Fans of Little People, Big World were shocked to see Tori Roloff on yet another trip without her husband and children. She began her journey by going to Oregon and meeting up with some friends. Shortly after sharing a post about food in Oregon, fans discovered that she had gone on a girl’s trip. However, as Tori shared photos and videos of her trip, these fans can’t help but think that she needs to grow up. In fact, some even think that she and Audrey Roloff copy one another too much.

Tori Roloff’s Disneyland Trip

Not only did Tori Roloff just get home from Disneyland, just a few weeks after settling back in, but she also left again to go on a mom’s trip with her two best friends. This trip seemed to come at a very odd time since she was just there with Zach and the kids. More so, fans took to Reddit to share what they thought about Tori’s new Disneyland trip. She literally just missed her sister-in-law, Audrey at the theme park as well. One Redditor shared, “She’s definitely a kid at heart, maybe even slightly immature but in a positive way. She probably made a great preschool teacher.”

Tori Roloff- Instagram
Tori Roloff- Instagram

Another added, “It annoyed me so much when Audrey and Jeremy were prepping to go and she was like ‘give me all the tips for going with kids’, etc… after Tori and Zach JUST went there like a month before with their kids. I know Audrey was looking for engagement, but…” There were plenty of Redditors who made it clear that they didn’t really understand the idea of adults loving to go to Disneyland the way that Tori does. They pointed out that her trip was supposed to be a way to get space from her kids, but she decided to go to a theme park filled with kids!

Zach And Tori’s Marriage Woes

Tori Roloff’s fans have shown concern for her since she and Zach have been open about their marriage woes. In the last season of Little People, Big World, the couple opened up about their issues. Tori told Zach that she felt underappreciated. She seems to be the only one taking care of the house. Along with the kids, Tori Roloff has her hands full. Fans felt that Zach really doesn’t see how much she does daily at the house.

Was this trip exactly what she needed at the time?  She has finally gotten some time to herself to unwind and relax. Tori loves the park so much and this mom’s trip seemed to be the remedy for her stress relief.


Do you think Audrey and Tori copy one another when it comes to their trips? Would you like to see them do different activities with their kids? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay here at TV Shows Ace for more Little People, Big World.