Maddie Brush Ignores As 5-Year-Old Son, Axel, In Danger?

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Sister Wives fans generally know Maddie Brush as a loving, caring mother. Right now, she and her husband Caleb Brush have three children. Axel James will be six years old this May and Evangalynn Kodi will be four years old this August. Maddie gave birth to her third child, Josephine Lee, in February 2023.

While fans generally enjoy hearing family updates from Maddie, her most recent videos have fans a little concerned. It appears that the mother of three was taping and making a silly video while leaving Axel unattended.

Keep reading to find out exactly what happened and learn more about the aftermath.

Sister Wives fans are shocked at Maddie Brush’s careless behavior

Anyone with multiple children knows that parenting isn’t always easy. Kids are often messy and get themselves into all sorts of ridiculous situations. The Brown family has 18 children, so they’re definitely no stranger to childhood antics.

But now, several Sister Wives fans are raising their eyebrows after Maddie Brush let her oldest child engage in dangerous behavior without supervision.

Caleb Brush, Maddie Brush, Axel Brush, Evie Brush, and Josephine Brush from Instagram, Sister Wives, TLC
Maddie Brush/Instagram

On Maddie’s Instagram page today, she uploaded a new video revealing that Axel was taking a bath by himself. He came in from playing outside and was very dirty and needed to clean up, which was no problem. While the five-year-old bathed, Maddie said she could hear him playing and talking to himself.

However, one little detail left plenty of fans concerned. Maddie kept hearing big splashes, which led her to believe that Axel was jumping from the toilet into the bathtub.

“Do I go look? I’m very nervous,” the mother of three chuckled to herself as she filmed.

Thankfully Axel didn’t injure himself while playing

Shortly after posting the first video on her Instagram stories, Maddie made another video. In this one, she’s holding her middle child Evie on her lap.

“He is okay. He was in fact jumping from the toilet to the tub,” she revealed in the follow-up video. Apparently, Axel made so much noise that he woke up his sister. Maddie went on to say that Axel was responsible for cleaning up the mess he made.

Fans felt thankful that Axel didn’t hurt himself while playing, but couldn’t help but wonder why Maddie chose to make a video instead of stopping her young son. Kids will be kids, but it’s a parent’s job to keep them from hurting themselves. Things could have quickly gotten much worse when Maddie paused to film.

What do you think about the situation? Was it just a funny mishap or was Maddie in the wrong here? Be sure to share what you think in the comments.

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