Mama June And Chickadee Together In Heartwarming Photos

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Mama June Shannon, from Mama June: Family Crisis’ daughter, Anna Cardwell, Chickadee, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. The news hit the family really hard and they have rallied around Chickadee. The family has shown her much love and support. There is a long road ahead, but Mama June and her family are staying positive. In fact, June got some time with Chickadee this week.

Chicakdee’s Diagnosis

The news of Chicakdee’s cancer diagnosis hit the family hard. They were quick to rally around her to show her all of the love and support she needs right now. Chickadee is only 28 years old and this news has really stunned fans. Back in January, she went to her doctor for some stomach pains. After a lot of tests were run, it came out that she has stage 4 adrenal carcinoma.

This cancer is currently in her lung, liver, and kidneys. It turns out that she has already undergone some chemo treatments, but will have to continue these for a few more weeks or maybe even months. Her doctors want to see as much progress as possible since it has spread to all three parts of her body. This is going to be hard on her and her family, as well as her two children.

Chickadee hasn’t been on television with her sisters or mother. It came out that she was sexually assaulted by one of Mama June’s boyfriends when she was younger. She wanted to have some private time with her family and she and June went their separate ways. Now it looks as if June is doing her best to support her, as well as her sisters.

Mama June and Family- WE Tv
Mama June and Family- WE Tv

Family Coming Together

Mama June wants her daughters to know how much she loves them, even though she did abandon them once. She has been sharing her feelings openly about Chickadee’s condition. It is heartbreaking for fans to see just how much pain this is bringing all of them. Luckily, they are able to visit Chickadee.

Recently, Mama June and her daughters were able to see Chickadee at the hospital. In fact, from the photos of the moment, it looks as if Alana Thompson and Lauryn Efird were there as well. Fans were so happy to see them all together and the pictures were shared on Twitter.

What do you think about Chickadee’s diagnosis? Do you think that Mama June is trying to make up for leaving her children behind? Are you happy that Chickadee got to spend time with her family? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay with us at Lone Tree Voice for more Mama June: Family Crisis.