‘MBFFL’ Lennie Alehat Gives Fans Exciting Life Update

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Lennie Alehat from My Big Fat Fabulous Life is known for being Whitney Way Thore’s best friend. Even though things with Whitney and Lennie were left unfinished after the last season, Lennie has been working on himself. He recently shared a life update with his fans that made them so excited. Let’s see what happened.

Lennie Alehat’s Relationship With Whitney

Fans of the show know that Whitney and Lennie Alehat have a long history together. They were once madly in love when the show began, and then he cheated on her. As many men as she has gone through, he always seems to be the one to come back to her. They have claimed that they are only close friends, but during the last season of the show, viewers thought something else was going on.

First, Whitney Way Thore hired Lennie Alehat to work for her. They work well together, but there were some questions about if this was a good idea or not. In one scene, she and Lennie actually were found sleeping together. In the scene, her hair was messed up and she told him, “I told you to lock it.” She told the cameras that she fell asleep first and then, after working for long hours, Lennie fell asleep in her bed. Of course, fans were not sure if they trusted this story.

Not only did this happen last season, but when Lennie Alehat went on a trip with her, she got very jealous of a woman that he was flirting with. The jealousy that she showed on camera was yet another thing that fans noticed about the two of them. She got so mad about him flirting. If this doesn’t show that she cares about him, what does?

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Whitney Way Thore and Lennie Alehat/Credit: Whitney Way Thore Instagram

Lennie Gives Life Update

Lennie Alehat continues to grow and change in his life. He has tried to date other women and even ended up on an episode of Catfish. He has been hitting the gym and showing off his love of his pets with his fans too. There have been some wonderful moments in his life that he has shared. In fact, his newest post on Instagram showed just how happy he was with life right now.

Lennie shared a selfie on Instagram and captioned it, “Two years sober today. Crazy how much I’ve accomplished in two years and how much better I feel about life. It gets easier.” Of course, his fans were so happy for him and told him that he should be proud of this huge accomplishment.

Lennie Alehat- Instagram
Lennie Alehat- Instagram

What do you think about Lennie Alehat’s sobriety? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay with us at Lone Tree Voice for more My Big Fat Fabulous Life.