Meghan Crumpler’s Ominous Update Concerns TLC Viewers

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1000-Lb. Best Friends Meghan Crumpler has been very active on her social media accounts lately. She has a group of diehard fans that really love to see her life as she shares it. Meghan has also gotten some haters along the way, but she is always her genuine self. Most of her posts are about her time with her husband or best friend, Tina Arnold. However, this week, she shared a post that had many of her fans concerned and confused.

Meghan Crumpler’s Haters

1000-Lb. Best Friends fans didn’t warm up to Meghan Crumpler very well on this season of the show. She got a lot of hate for how she reacted when her doctor was upset with her progress. Not only that, but fans thought that it was time for her to get a place of her own instead of mooching off of Tina and her husband. In fact, a lot of fans have called her “whiny” and felt that her friends worked hard to lose weight.

In a recent post on her Facebook account, Meghan Crumpler got even more hate when she posed a question. She mentioned to her fans that she was thinking about getting a tattoo for her birthday. Of course, the haters mentioned that she should pay rent or use that money wisely.

Meghan Crumpler- TLC
Meghan Crumpler- TLC

No matter what kind of hate Meghan gets, she always seems to shake it off. Meghan posts regularly on Instagram and Facebook and a recent post made fans concerned for her.

Why Are Fans Concerned Now?

Meghan Crumpler has been working on losing weight. However, fans of the show feel that she worked the least out of her friends to do so. She has struggled with her weight loss but kept pushing herself. Now that the season is over, she has been sharing more about life after the show.

In her most recent post on Instagram, she shared a picture of herself at the laundry mat. She captioned the photo, “Current situation .. still in a lot of pain today. I pray but goes away sooner than later. In the meantime, I guess that means I will be on tonight with a live.” Of course, her fans grew very concerned when they read that she was in a lot of pain.

Meghan Crumpler- Instagram
Meghan Crumpler- Instagram

The comments from her fans came in quickly on this one. There were quite a few fans who asked why she was in pain. More so, there was speculation as to why. Some fans even mentioned that they thought they missed something.

Why do you think that Meghan Crumpler is in pain? We would love to hear what your theories are in the comments below. Stay with Lone Tree Voice for more 1000-Lb. Best Friends.