Melissa Gorga says it is time ‘to cut the cancer out’

Melissa Gorga came to the conclusion that she’s ready to end her “rollercoaster” relationship with sister-in-law Teresa Giudice on Tuesday’s episode of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

“I almost wanna look her in the eye and be like, ‘This is vile, and I need to cut the cancer out. I’m done,’” Gorga told co-star Margaret Josephs.

Gorga’s admission came after she got into an explosive argument with Giudice after co-star Rachel Fuda asked if Gorga and Giudice’s kids were close — despite their tumultuous relationship — while on a bus during a girls’ trip to Ireland.

“Well, they were, and then Antonia didn’t come,” Giudice, 50, began, before Gorga, 44, asked her sister-in-law if she was going to “blame” her eldest daughter for their problems.

Melissa Gorga talking on "RHONJ"
Melissa Gorga slammed “vile” Teresa Giudice and said that it’s time “to cut the cancer out.”

Giudice denied that she was blaming her niece, but brought up Antonia not attending the Sweet 16 party of her third oldest daughter, Milania, in February 2022.

“Well, Milania was so hurt that Antonia didn’t go to her Sweet 16,” Giudice continued. “Milania said, ‘Well I celebrated her, I wish she would’ve celebrated me.’”

Gorga explained that Antonia had a cheer competition in Pennsylvania that day and fired back that Giudice’s second oldest daughter, Gabriella, didn’t make it to her son Gino’s communion because of a soccer tournament.

The "RHONJ" cast sitting on a bus during a trip to Ireland
Giudice brought up Gorga’s daughter, Antonia, not attending her daughter Milania’s Sweet 16 party.
Melissa Gorga sitting on a bus on "RHONJ"
“That’s like, disgusting that you’d even bring them up,” Gorga clapped back.

“Oh my God, you see what I mean? It’s always tit for tat!” Giudice said while standing and pointing at Gorga.

The “On Display” singer defended herself, saying she was just giving her the “facts” and that Giudice needs to “chill” when talking about her niece in a “negative light.”

“What do you wanna prove? That you’ll go so low that you’ll even say your niece is doing something wrong now?” Gorga asked in a confessional.

Melissa Gorga talking in a confessional
Gorga didn’t understand what Giudice wanted to “prove” by bringing up their children.

Although Giudice denied saying anything “bad” about Antonia, Gorga wasn’t having it.

“That’s like, disgusting that you’d even bring them up,” Gorga exclaimed. “I’m just not gonna ever. You be that aunt — I’m not gonna be that aunt.”

Giudice emphasized that she’s an “amazing aunt” because she wants to “keep the kids close.”

Danielle Cabral and Teresa Giudice sitting on a bus
Giudice denied having any other intentions besides wanting to “keep the kids close.”

“Oh yeah, amazing,” Gorga sarcastically said. “The Gorgas over here, we do everything wrong.”

The mom of three also called out Giudice for not making her a bridesmaid in her upcoming wedding and not setting “an example of what closeness is.”

“Ditto,” Giudice snapped back. “If I felt the love, I would’ve gave it right back to you.”

The "RHONJ" cast sitting on a bus
Gorga explained that Giudice could’ve made the family closer if she had made her a bridesmaid.
The "RHONJ" cast sitting on a bus
“If I felt the love, I would’ve gave it right back to you,” Giudice declared.

Though the duo ended their confrontation upon arriving at their destination, Gorga talked more about it with Josephs at a store.

“If Rachel looked at me for that question, you know what I would’ve said? ‘They love each other very much,’” Gorga told Josephs. “That would’ve been my answer. She is pointing her finger now at my daughter.”

Meanwhile, Giudice told Dolores Catania at another shop that she did not bring up Antonia’s name in a “negative light,” but if someone asks her a question, she’s “gonna tell you the truth.”

Teresa Giudice talking on "RHONJ"
“There’s no negative light, but if you ask me a question, I’m gonna tell you the truth,” Giudice explained.
Teresa Giudice talking to Dolores Catania on "RHONJ"
Giudice continued to deny using Antonia’s name in any sort of disrespectful way.

In a confessional, Gorga said that she was tired of being on “this rollercoaster with Teresa” for nearly two decades.

“I’m not doing this anymore,” she added. “I’m gonna sit here, and I’m gonna let it go because I have nothing to prove not to her or to anyone even at this table. I washed my hands of it.”

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Gorga teased that this conversation ultimately played a role in her family’s decision to skip Giudice’s nuptials.

“To bring the kids into it, to me, as a mom — all-time low,” she told husband Joe Gorga on the phone. “At this point, I feel so far gone from her, Joe. Like, for the first time ever it ran through my body. I’m not sure we belong at the wedding.”

Teresa Giudice, Luis Ruelas, Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga posing in baseball uniforms
“I’m not sure we belong at the wedding,” Melissa admitted to her husband, Joe Gorga.
Getty Images

The Gorgas and Giudices have only continued to feud and have yet to repair their relationships.

The two families will face off for the first time at the upcoming Season 13 reunion — which Giudice recently admitted to Page Six will “definitely [be] weird.”

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.