Mets fans rage over Edwin Diaz injury at World Baseball Classic

The Mets’ superstar closer, Edwin Diaz, went down with an apparent knee injury while celebrating Puerto Rico’s victory over the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic on Wednesday night.

Clearly, Mets fans in the media are going through it.

Sal Licata, a host for SNY and WFAN, posted a video reacting to the news and did not hold back his feelings.

“I told you about this stupid… stupid tournament. Stupid worthless exhibition tournament that everybody loves and goes crazy about,” Licata said. “I’ve been telling you about it.

“The Mets are paying Edwin Diaz, how much money? And he chose to go play in the WBC, and he gets hurt celebrating. Celebrating a win. Nice start to a World Series-or-bust year. Thanks to the WBC! Thanks commish, and everybody who participated in it. Can’t wait to see who wins!”

The most unhinged reaction went to Frank the Tank, a Barstool Sports personality, who posted a TikTok where he essentially just screamed at the camera inaudibly.

“The whole f–king season is ruined by the G-d damn World Baseball Classic!” is one of the few things that listeners were able to make out.

Warning: Graphic Language

KFC, also a popular Barstool personality and Mets fan, was not quite as unhinged but made his opinion about the WBC known on Twitter.

“The people who are defending the WBC are such dorks,” KFC wrote. “That tournament sucks and is absolutely not worth risking exactly what unfolded tonight. Nobody cares and all of you pretending to care are lame.”

Jerry Blevins, a former Mets pitcher who now also works for SNY and Jomboy Media, called the injury a “nightmare scenario.”

“This is the big fears MLB players & teams have with participating in the Tournament,” Blevins wrote on Twitter.

Diaz remained down on the field after he struck out the final batter in the WBC matchup against the D.R., advancing Puerto Rico out of Pool D and into the quarterfinals.

Edwin Diaz is carried off the field
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As of now, the extent of his injury is unclear, though it certainly doesn’t look good for the star closer, who has been Top 10 in saves in baseball the last two seasons.

The Mets are all-in on the 2023 season, having spent lavishly on players such as Justin Verlander, Kodai Senga, and Jose Quintana while also giving extensions to Brandon Nimmo and, yes, Diaz.

Losing their best relief pitcher before an inning played is certainly not how Steve Cohen and Co. saw this season going.