Michael Strahan Teases New Opportunity After Brief Absence

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Michael Strahan teased a new opportunity after his brief absence from the show. He went away from Good Morning America and never shared what happened. Keep on reading to learn more.

Disappears from Good Morning America

Michael Strahan made his big return to the morning show just a week ago. During that time, he never shared what he was doing. Michael didn’t even update his followers on social media. Earlier this week, Michael was absent from the talk show.

Michael Strahan [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

This time around, he explained why he went missing. Michael returned to GMA after his spring break, which lasted three weeks. Fans wanted to know why he needed another day off. They took to social media to wonder why he wasn’t at the big desk.

Michael shared a video of himself on the set of The $100,000 Pyramid. He rode around in a golf cart. The former NFL player shared what he was doing back on the set so soon. He confirmed that he was filming more episodes.

“As you can tell from the sign that my man Scott just shot because he thinks he’s Martin Scorsese of Instagram, we are back for Pyramid,” Michael Strahan explained. “Season two in L.A., season seven overall. Looking forward to it. Going to have a great shoot. Shooting a lot of episodes every day over the course of this whole week.”

In the video, Michael explained that they’re shooting “behind the scenes stuff” for the fans. They’re also changing up the set for the new season. Fans took to the comment section to react. Most were disappointed to learn that he wasn’t on GMA again. Others wanted to know why he couldn’t film the morning show, but it was obvious that he was on the west coast with his other job.

Michael Strahan Rushes Down Hallway [Source: Michael Strahan - Instagram]
[Source: Michael Strahan – Instagram]

Michael Strahan shares a new opportunity

The busiest man in the television industry is sharing his new opportunity with fans. Michael Strahan teased the details in a new video for his Michael Strahan Brand. The clip showed him walking down a hallway in a pink and blue plaid button-down shirt with a hot pink tie, dark blue dress pants, and brown leather shoes.

Across the video were the words, “Make It Happen Now.” Michael Strahan had a big smile on his face as he was on his way to his next opportunity. He tugged at his tie as he loosened it. “Rule #everyday, don’t wait for the opportunity, create it,” the voiceover on the video said.

“Always ready to take on the next opportunity,” Michael captioned the post. “Earn it because nothing in life is given!”

He included the hashtags “Wednesday Wisdom,” “Opportunity,” and “Work Hard.” What are your thoughts on Michael Strahan teasing a new opportunity after his brief absence? Do you think he works too hard? Sound off below in the comment section.

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