Electricity prices: Emmanuel Macron asks suppliers to make gestures for companies

Emmanuel Macron announced new measures during the traditional “galette des rois” at the Élysée Palace, shared with representatives of bakers. On site, Thursday, January 5, we find the journalist Anne Bourse.
The head of state sent a signal to the bosses of small businesses. “He is asking for the renegotiation of excessive contracts for very small businesses, the VSEs, with less than 10 employees,” reports journalist Anne Bourse, live from the Elysée Palace on Thursday, January 5. Emmanuel Macron is therefore asking energy suppliers to review their contracts downwards. The head of state was particularly “annoyed with those who make excessive profits,” says Anne Bourse.

Containing the anger of artisans
“After the bakers on Tuesday, this afternoon, Bruno Le Maire will receive the restaurant owners. At Matignon is also held this afternoon a ministerial meeting around these topics, “continues the journalist. The executive hopes to contain the anger of artisans, all before the presentation of the pension reform to which many are opposed.