Rachel McAdams proudly displays armpit hair in sexy corset

You can sit with her.

Rachel McAdams proudly showed off her armpit hair in her latest interview with Bustle Magazine on Tuesday.

“With this shoot, I’m wearing latex underwear. But I’ve had two children,” the “Mean Girls” star said, keeping it real as she’s seen sprawled across a burgundy loveseat with unshaved body hair.

“This is my body, and I think that’s so important to reflect back out to the world.”

In the featured photo, McAdams, 44, rocked a black vintage corset (courtesy of New York Vintage) paired with black Hermès pants.

Rachel McAdams lays on red couch with armpit hair showing
Rachel McAdams flaunted her all-natural body hair in her latest photoshoot.
Mark Seliger for BUSTLE

She also accessorized with white, round Chopard earrings, a silver Bulgari necklace and ring (left hand), a De Beers tennis necklace, an Ali Weiss ring (right hand) and a pair of black Giuseppe Zanotti heels.

The “Notebook” star’s natural aesthetic follows her request for the photos to be edited as minimally as possible.

The actress — who shares a son, 5, and daughter, 2, with longtime partner Jamie Linden — previously bared a bit of reality with her glamorous photo shoots, showcasing a breast pump while wearing Versace in a 2018 shoot.

Rachel McAdams in beige blazer with white corsette and beige skirt
The “Notebook” star had personally requested that the photos be edited as minimally as possible.
Mark Seliger for BUSTLE

“I love that juxtaposition of beauty, glam, fantasy, and then truth,” McAdams said, noting that the photo was taken six months postpartum while she was still breastfeeding.

McAdams stars in the upcoming film adaptation of Judy Blume’s hit book “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.”

The coming-of-age movie follows an adolescent child, Margaret (played by Abby Ryder Fortson), raised in an interfaith household with a Christian mother (McAdams) and a Jewish father (Benny Safdie) as she navigates sixth grade and puberty.

McAdams in white floor-length dress
“This is my body, and I think that’s so important to reflect back out to the world,” McAdams shared.
Mark Seliger for BUSTLE

McAdams shared a relatable moment to coming of age, noting her own struggles with coming to terms with her changing body.

“I remember being very disappointed by my first bra. I wanted leopard print, but it was more like a bandeau top with a tiny little white bow,” she shared. “The boys just seemed relentless.”

“Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret” hits theaters on April 28.