Raquel Leviss Met Tom Sandoval’s Mom In Awkward Meeting

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It turns out that Raquel Leviss did meet Tom Sandoval’s mom in a very awkward meeting. She even knew about the affair that was going on. Before the world knew about Scandoval, it was revealed that Tom’s family turned down meeting Raquel. That didn’t matter though his mom ended up having to meet her anyway. His family knew that Tom was in town with Raquel, but refused to meet her. It sounds like they are Team Ariana.

Raquel Leviss Met Tom’s Mom

TMZ shared that it turns out that Tom Sandoval took Raquel Leviss to his hometown of St. Louis. They went out to the bar to hang out with his friends. It seems like Sandoval wasn’t doing a very good job of hiding this affair and it is shocking he wasn’t caught before. Tom and Raquel went out to the bar with some of his friends. The bar ended up having to close down due to an ice storm. Because of this, they headed to Tom’s house where his mom was and Raquel met her for the first time.

Tom didn’t actually introduce her as his girlfriend, but reports are that his mom knew about the affair. She was polite to Raquel, but it sounds like she wasn’t thrilled about the situation. They actually stayed the night there and Tom and Raquel even stayed in the same room. Obviously, his friends from St. Louis knew about the affair if they stayed in the same room.

Tom And Raquel’s Affair

Tom and Raquel’s affair was revealed when Ariana Madix found a video on Tom’s phone. It seems like the two weren’t doing a very good job of hiding it though and this is coming out on Vanderpump Rules this season. In a recent episode, it looked like Tom was caught smacking Raquel Leviss on the butt. It was also revealed that Tom Schwartz knew about the affair.

Tom Sandoval & Raquel Leviss On Halloween [Source: Raquel Leviss - Instagram Stories]
[Source: Raquel Leviss – Instagram Stories]

The couple was using code names in their phones so that people wouldn’t notice they were talking to each other all the time. Tom even called Raquel by the name “Jamie” to his friends sometimes. It is obvious a lot of people knew about this affair, but nobody told Ariana Madix.

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