Scott Boras calls out MLB rules, Cuzzi after Max Scherzer ejection

Scott Boras does not sound like he plans to take his client Max Scherzer’s ejection and potential suspension for alleged sticky- substance use lying down.

Scherzer was ejected by umpire Phil Cuzzi after just three innings in the Mets’ game against the Dodgers in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon, despite his adamant insistence that he was using rosin and sweat as opposed to a banned substance.

Boras, who is far and away the most powerful baseball player agent, sounded off on MLB’s methodology in such cases to The Post’s Joel Sherman.

“MLB standards and rules enforcement should mandate and require an objective verifiable standard,” Boras said. 

“If you want to attack the integrity of the competition you need clear precise standards else you damage the game and it players.

“The Cuzzi on field spectrometer is not the answer. MLB needs to employ available scientific methods (not subjective ) to create verifiable certainly of it rules.”

Scherzer denied he was using a banned substance in his postgame comments.

Scott Boras
Corey Sipkin for the NY POST

“I knew I was going to be checked in the fourth,” Scherzer told reporters in Los Angeles.

“I’d have to be an absolute idiot to try to do anything when I’m coming back out in the fourth. After that third inning, in front of the MLB official that’s underneath, I washed my hand with alcohol in front of the official. I then applied rosin and then I grabbed sweat. Then I go back out there and Phil Cuzzi says that my hand’s too sticky.”

After the game, Mets manager Buck Showalter defended his star pitcher.

“It’s a substance that’s very legal, wiped it off, washed it,” Showalter said. “I don’t know. Phil’s certainly been a guy that’s known for that. We’ll see.”

Max Scherzer is irate after being ejected from the Mets’ game against the Dodgers on Wednesday.
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Showalter and Boras were both talking about Cuzzi, who ejected the only other two pitchers for banned substances since the league cracked down in 2021.

Former Mariners pitcher Hector Santiago and former Diamondbacks pitcher Caleb Smith were both ejected by Cuzzi in 2021.

Scherzer could be facing an automatic 10-game suspension over the accusation that he used a banned substance.