Seattle Mariners 2023 MLB Draft Headquarters


Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Here is your one-stop shop for all the information you’ll need about the 2023 MLB Amateur Player Draft. Check this stream for player profiles, mock drafts, and day-of draft updates.

Key draft info:

  • Draft Day: July 9th – July 11th
  • Location: T-Mobile Park, Seattle, WA
  • How to watch: MLB Network or live in person with a 2023 All-Star weekend pass

Mariners top 100 pick numbers:

First round: 22nd, 29th (Prospect Promotion Incentive aka “The Julio Pick”), 30th (Competitive Balance Round A)

Second round: 57th

Third round: 92nd

The Mariners will then have the 124th pick in the fourth round, the 160th pick in the fifth round, and will pick 23rd in each subsequent round, up until the 20th round.

Mariners draft pool total:

$13,170,900 (7th-largest)

Individual pick values:

  • Pick 22: $3,496,600
  • Pick 29: $2,800,700
  • Pick 30: $2,732,500
  • Pick 57: $1,436,500
  • Pick 92: $736,400

You can find an individual value for each of the picks in the sixth round and beyond here.

For a general overview of how the MLB Draft works, draft strategy, and an introduction to this series, make sure to start by reading Max’s opening piece here, and check back weekly for updates to help you be ready for one of the team’s most impactful drafts in recent memory.