Shadow and Bone season 3 release, cast, plans, and what we know so far

Shadow and Bone’s second season has arrived as Alina, Mal, the Crows, and everyone else do battle with the Darkling and the Fold. While season 2 is already packed with action and bursting at the seams with plot, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a third season — as long as Netflix gives it the green light, that is.

While Netflix hasn’t officially greenlit a new season of Shadow and Bone just yet, there is still a bit of information floating around about season 3, including a few words from showrunner Eric Heisserer himself. Here’s everything we know about Shadow and Bone season 3 so far.

Is Shadow and Bone getting a third season?

Netflix hasn’t made an official announcement about the return of Shadow and Bone, but that’s not particularly surprising. Following the show’s first season, it didn’t get renewed until June 2021, several months after its late-April release date. In other words, it’s not time to panic just yet; Netflix could still get around to a renewal in the future.

When might Shadow and Bone season 3 be released?

If we’re judging by the first and second seasons, then we’re probably looking at a two-year gap between seasons. And considering Netflix didn’t immediately announce a new season, it seems likely that the show’s not currently in production and that a third season would take at least as long as season 2 to be released.

Will Mal and Alina be in Shadow and Bone season 3?

It sure seems like it, and it sure seems like they won’t be together in the same place, at least not when the season starts. Season 2 of Shadow and Bone changed the plot of the books significantly, breaking up Mal and Alina and sending them in separate directions — while the book let them stay together as the (powerless) owners of the orphanage that first brought them together.

In an upcoming interview with Lone Tree Voice, showrunner Eric Heisserer explained that the decision was made because it was best for the show and for it to continue.

“From a practicality standpoint, we don’t want to lose Archie and Jessie to a cottage,” Heisserer said. “That would be a terrible choice on our part. They’re amazing human beings, like Jessie just brings a brightness to the set every time she shows up.”

Will the Crows be in Shadow and Bone season 3?

It certainly seems like the show will once again make them a focus if it returns for a third season. The Crows themselves are already fan-favorite characters, and now it seems at least some of them will be embarking with Mal on some pirating privateering adventures.