South Lomei Labyrinth, Motsusis, Siyamotsus Shrine walkthroughs in Zelda: TOTK

The South Lomei Labyrinth in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a big ol’ maze that hides two shrines: Motsusis Shrine and Siyamotsus Shrine. It’s got three parts in total — on the surface, in the sky, and in the depths. The South Lomei Labyrinth must be completed in that order, with each new phase opening up once the last is completed.

If you’ve completed the North Lomei Labyrinth, the solution will look familiar to you. The South Lomei Labyrinth follows the same rules as its northern counterpart; the first maze is navigating around gloom to get to the shrine in the center. The South Lomei Sky Labyrinth opens up after that, and is where the second shrine is, after which you head into the glider maze. Lastly, the depths open to a battle with the Flux Construct III, where you’ll be awarded some sweet gear.

When you’re done, our shrine locations page or interactive Hyrule map can direct you toward something else to do.

South Lomei Labyrinth location

Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin, Nicole Carpenter/Lone Tree Voice | Source images: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Lone Tree Voice

The entrance to the South Lomei Labyrinth is located within the Gerundo Highlands at the coordinates (11785, -3310, 0138). If you’ve unlocked the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower, that’s a good starting point for gliding to the labyrinth — you can glide southeast from there. The sky and depths versions of the South Lomei Labyrinth are directly above and below, but don’t worry about heading to those just yet.

South Lomei Labyrinth maze walkthrough to reach the Motsusis Shrine

“I’ll leave a trail of acorns and nuts behind me so I don’t get lost,” the journal reads

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Lone Tree Voice

The Motsusis Shrine is located at the center of the maze — finding it is the puzzle itself. At the entrance, you’ll find a researcher’s notebook that says there’s a trail of acorns leading to the center of the South Lomei Labyrinth. Follow the trail of acorns to the center and to the Motsusis Shrine.

It’s fairly easy to follow the acorns, especially if you’ve unlocked Purah Pad’s Sensor +. You can set this to track acorns, making it easier to follow the path to the center of the maze.

There are two ways you can solve the puzzle — and the second is quite a bit faster. But first, let’s start with following the acorns.

A map, upside down, shows the way through the maze

This map is upside down so you can read it as you’re going through.
Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Lone Tree Voice

1. Take the first right after entering the maze.

2. Take a left then head straight over the gloom. You can climb the walls to get around it, or set up a campfire with pinecones to create a draft to get over it.

3. Past the gloom you’ll see a campsite. Turn left just before it.

4. Turn left and head left down the stairs.

5. Head straight past the gloom.

6. Take the first right, then a quick left and a quick right.

7. Take a right at the fork and head up the stairs,

8. Turn right. You won’t see the nut left there, because it’s hidden under a pile of sand.

9. Go straight up the stairs, then turn left.

10. Take the first left.

11. Make a quick right, then left, then right, then left. These are barely turns — you’ll basically be heading diagonally in a straight line.

12. Take the last right before the dead end.

13. Turn left.

14. Head straight up and down the stairs. There’s a campsite at the fork. Turn right. (The acorn is under the sand pile.)

15. Head left up the stairs.

16. Drop down straight over the gloom. At the corner, where you turn left, there’s a mass of gloom to get over. Continue straight past the next area of gloom, too.

17. Turn left at the end of the hallway, over more gloom.

18. Turn right, then left. There’s a campsite ahead.

19. Drop down a few levels and the Motsusis Shrine will be on the left.

20. Turn around and head straight to the other side of the room to activate the terminal and open up the sky labyrinth.

You don’t have to follow the acorns to make it to the center of the South Lomei Sky Labyrinth, however. If you climb to the top of the maze and travel across the walls, you can cut to the center of the maze. Drop down just southeast of the center then follow the quick path of acorns to the shrine and terminal.

Motsusis Shrine solution

A screenshot shows the Motsusis Shrine opening

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Lone Tree Voice

Motsusis Shrine is a Rauru’s Blessing shrine, which means you just have to enter to complete the shrine. Its exact location is at the coordinates of (0408, 2133, 0144). Inside, there’s a chest containing a large Zonai charge. Use the sigil to complete the shrine and collect the Light of Blessing.

South Lomei Sky Labyrinth location

A map shows where the sky labyrinth is

Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin, Nicole Carpenter/Lone Tree Voice | Source images: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Lone Tree Voice

If you look up from the surface terminal, you’ll see the sky labyrinth. You can’t easily get up there from here, so you’ll want to head back to the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower. Use the skyview tower to shoot up into the sky, then head over to the East Gerudo Sky Archipelago — you won’t be able to make the full glide to the sky labyrinth without this step. You’ll see a large pillar, so aim for that.

Link flies to the sky labyrinth

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Lone Tree Voice

Once you’re on the East Gerudo Sky Archipelago, build a glider using the materials on the sky island. There’s one pre-made with some fans, but I attached a rocket found on the island to it, too, alongside two batteries pulled from my Zonai gatcha balls. Use the runway to shoot into the sky and fly south toward the South Lomei Sky Labyrinth. My contraption gave out before I made it all the way there, but I was able to glide over to the platform with the Siyamotsus Shrine.

Siyamotsus Shrine solution

A screenshot shows the Siyamotsus Shrine opening in the sky

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Lone Tree Voice

The Siyamotsus Shrine, at the coordinates (-1793, -3331, 1015) in the Gerudo Sky, is an “Unlit Blessing.” To start, head toward the chest and grab the Mighty Construct Bow and the nearby arrows. You’ll need them. There are several Fire Fruit bushes around to collect from, too.

The shrine will shift and transform, the exit now inaccessible to Link. On the now-vertical platform, there are four braziers. Two are unlit. Use your arrows and Fire Fruit to light the two unlit braziers.

The shrine shifts so it’s not accessible without a launcher

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Lone Tree Voice

Once that’s done, the shrine will reveal a launcher underneath the chest. Use that to launch over to the sigil. Examine it to complete the shrine and collect the Light of Blessing.

South Lomei Sky Labyrinth maze walkthrough

A screenshot shows the opening for the South Lomei Sky Labyrinth

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Lone Tree Voice

Head past the Siyamotsus Shrine to activate the dragon terminal in front of the South Lomei Sky Labyrinth to open the maze.

Like with the North Lomei Sky Labyrinth, the minimap is essential to getting through this maze. It’s a challenging maze that you will navigate using your glider and air bursts to unlock four terminals. The maze is complicated, but you’ll also have to manage stamina to make sure you don’t fall to the earth.

A Lone Tree Voice-made map shows the way into the South Lomei Sky Labyrinth

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Lone Tree Voice

Instead of looking at the maze itself, look at your minimap and follow the blue pathway there to reach the four terminals. I barely even looked at the majority of the screen while navigating — just the minimap.

Link stands at a terminal

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Lone Tree Voice

Once you’ve reached all four terminals, there should be a huge burst of air to get you to the top of the maze. But you can also use Ascend to swim through the walls and up to the top. (Alternatively, you can just navigate to the four terminals by following the pathway from the top of the maze, using Ascend to get back on top after each one.)

Link activates the last terminal to open the depths

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Lone Tree Voice

Once you’re done with the four terminals, you’ll see the dragon terminal that’ll open the depths. The gate to the depths will open once that’s activated. Jump in!

South Lomei Depths Labyrinth

Link points an arrow at the Flux Construct III

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Lone Tree Voice

There’s not much of a puzzle down here, just a boss battle. Use a Brightbloom Seed once you’re close to the ground to light up the area. Otherwise, you’ll be running around in the dark. You can see the Flux Construct III under the grates you’ve landed on. Head down the stairs on either side of the room to start the fight.

Fighting the Flux Construct III is not easy, but the strategy that consistently worked for me was targeting the Construct with a Bomb Flower Arrow to kick off the fight (and do some extra damage).

I tended to stay on the higher platforms for safety, unless I needed to jump down to do some damage. I used arrows to attack from farther away, and when the Construct was close enough, I used Ultrahand to pull the glowing box out then whack it with a powerful weapon. I just kept doing this, and dodging attacks, until it was defeated.

Link poses while wearing the Evil Spirit Mask

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Lone Tree Voice

The Flux Construct III will drop a bunch of stuff. Make sure it pick it up, and attach the core — which you can’t pick up — to a weapon. A chest will spawn in the middle of the room with the Evil Spirit Mask inside.

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