Southwest Airlines briefly grounds all flights due to ‘technical errors’

Southwest Airlines on Tuesday briefly grounded all its flights due to “technical errors” as angry passengers blasted the company for delays — a repeat of the disastrous meltdown suffered by the carrier during the Christmas holiday.

“We have had to implement a ground stop as a result of intermittent issues that were experienced, and we should hopefully be resuming our operation as soon as possible,” a Southwest Airlines spokesperson tweeted in response to an angry customer who said they were “sitting in a plane waiting for computers to come back.”

“I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we’ll be here for you if you need any assistance,” the company rep tweeted.

The Federal Aviation Administration gave Southwest the green light to resume flights a short time later — though planes heading into Dallas Love Field Airport were still grounded.

According to the FlightAware flight tracking website, some 2,500 Southwest flights — which make up around 30% of its schedule — experienced delays Tuesday morning.

“@SouthwestAir requested that the FAA pause the airline’s departures due to an internal technical issue at Southwest,” the FAA tweeted.

“The pause has been fully canceled.”

Southwest Airlines briefly grounded flights nationwide due to a technical glitch.

“Once again sitting on a flight and being delayed. What is wrong with your leadership?? Isn’t time for a change and a new CEO,” one angry flier tweeted.

Another flier wrote: “Sitting on the tarmac because @SouthwestAir has fumbled operations yet again. So much for making it to work on time this morning.”

Another customer tweeted: “Any idea of when we can get off of flight 1924 in SJC? Can’t pull into a gate due to crashed computer system.”