Staff elaborates on tactics to destroy 80% of Russian equipment, forces

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“The point is that we have learned how to ensure a successful infantry offensive with the complex fire of all missile and artillery systems,” Baranov said.

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“According to statistics, up to 80% of Russian losses in military equipment and manpower are due to our work. Our gunners and rocket launcher operators interact with others regarding the means of destruction, including aviation.”

Thanks to Western high-precision missile and artillery systems, Ukrainian defenders have combined and created a long-range “fire fist” that hits so hard that the enemy is no longer able to conduct effective counter-battery combat, he explained.

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“We do not wait for the enemy artillery to open fire, but detect it in advance and destroy it before it is ready to strike,” Baranov added.

“This is done with great care so that neither our troops nor civilians and infrastructure are harmed. The enemy does not reach our [long-range units], but we do with theirs.”

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Earlier, Politico reported that the United States is focused on preparing Ukraine for a major spring counteroffensive to recapture the territories seized by Russia, which could begin before May.

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