Teams that will shape 2023 Draft: Bears and Eagles

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Matt Harmon and crew wrap up our “teams that will shape the draft” series with a deep dive into the best and worst team in the NFC from last year: The Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears.

Harmon and Dalton Del Don also react to the news of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin announcing his return to football. They also determine if there’s any fantasy implications of WR Allen Robinson heading to Pittsburgh in a trade with the Rams.

Del Don and Harmon discuss Jalen Hurts’ historic contract and what it means for the Eagles long term and what potential weaknesses on the roster they can address with their two first round picks. They also discuss what, if anything, can derail the Eagles from repeating as NFC champs this year.

To end the show Chicago’s finest Andy Behrens joins Harmon to discuss the state of the Chicago Bears. They evaluate how the Bears can win or lose the blockbuster trade with the Carolina Panthers and if it’s fair for people to compare Justin Fields to Jalen Hurts.

1:48 – Damar Hamlin returns to football

3:15 – Reaction to Allen Robinson trade to Steelers

8:38 – Domino effect of Jalen Hurts new contract for Lamar, Herbert, Burrow

15:41- Teams that will shape the draft: Eagles

19:39 – What are the Eagles weaknesses, draft needs?

21:47 – The Eagles will not win NFC again because…

35:19 – Teams that will shape the draft: Bears

36:21 – How do the Bears win their blockbuster trade with Carolina?

38:28 – DJ Moore’s instant impact on Bears offense

43:05 – How the Bears can lose the blockbuster trade with Panthers

45:57 – Are Bears fully sold on Justin Fields as franchise QB?

59:21 – What’s the dream pick for the Bears at No. 9?

1:03:50 – How quickly can the Bears turn it around?

Matt Harmon, Dalton Del Don and Andy Behrens look at two teams that will have a massive impact on this year’s draft: The Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears (Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports/Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports)

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