The Real Reason Leon Brown Was ‘A Brat’ During Childhood?

Although many Redditors agreed with the OP’s point, the comments section had a mixed bag of reactions.

The OP’s message received many different reactions from other viewers

Several other Sister Wives viewers outright didn’t agree with the assessment but did agree that Meri’s parenting style likely had a lot to do with Leon’s teen behavior.

“They were also raised crazy fundamentalist and were trans and queer,” another Redditor sympathized with Leon. “I can’t imagine what that was like for them, and doing all of it on television.”

Other users didn’t agree with how the OP compared Logan and Leon’s teen years.

Meri Brown/Instagram

“Ah No. Logan and Leon had way different lives going up!” another wrote. “Leon not once got up and cooked breakfast for their 5 siblings and got them up for school. … While Logan had to do these things and help raise his siblings. Leon never had that responsibility. None of them should have had that responsibility. ”

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