‘The View’ hosts crack up after Whoopi Goldberg appears to pass ‘gas’


Hosts of “The View” burst into laughter after Whoopi Goldberg appeared to loudly pass “gas” during Wednesday morning’s show.

The EGOT winner appeared to accidentally let one rip while she was in the middle of making a talking point.

“That was gas,” Goldberg admitted as her co-hosts and the audience cracked up at the gaffe.

Viewers were split, however, on whether the interruption was a burp or a fart.

“Ughhh!!! Spare me. Wait! Did Whoopi just pass gas?” one Twitter user wrote.

“She burped. They are soooo loud and talking over each other,” another user responded.

“Wait did Whoopi just fart on national tv #TheView,” another asked.

“Sure did,” said a responder.

Goldberg acknowledged the interruption as “gas” on the show.

The talk show was interrupted weeks ago by another odd fart noise.

In January, during a serious discussion about classified documents found at former Vice President Mike Pence’s Indiana home, a drink spilled and began leaking off the table.

Goldberg pointed out to co-host Sara Haines that something was dripping, and as Haines looked down to see, she moved a little in her seat while what appeared to be a fart noise sounded on the mic.

“We had a little spillage on the other side of the table,” co-host Alyssa Farah said, laughing and appearing a bit flustered. 

“Now it’s on my pants,” Haines said as she and Goldberg tried to clean up the spill.

“The View” has had its share of unwanted interruptions in recent years.

Last year, Joy Behar face-planted in front of the audience — which caused the show to unveil new chairs on set.

More recently, Goldberg was heckled by an audience member who called her an “old broad” on live television.

“I am an old broad, and happy about it,’ ”Goldberg, 67, shot back.