Tori Roloff Breaks Silence On Why She Wants Jackson Different

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As Jackson Roloff gets bigger and interacts more with other children, he is starting to notice he’s a bit different from them. Tori, however, wants LPBW fans that follow her on Instagram to know that she’s fine with Jackson realizing he isn’t like everyone else. In fact, she wants her son to know he’s different and she wants him to embrace it.

Tori Roloff wants Jackson to love being different

During a recent game of soccer, the kids playing with Jackson Roloff started to whisper with questions about his height. Why was he so much shorter than everyone else playing? The whispers became so noticeable to Jackson that he decided to bring them to his mother’s attention. Now, it was a heartbreaking moment for Tori Roloff. But, she doesn’t want her son Jackson to fear being different. Instead, she wants him to embrace standing out in a crowd. The TLC mother proceeded to tell her son that he was created to be exactly the way God wanted him. So, he shouldn’t get too bothered by looking a little different than everyone else.

After her encouraging words, she reports that Jackson was able to continue to play soccer and kick butt while doing so. Tori Roloff was swimming with pride as she felt like she had a successful mama bear moment with the speech she gave to her son.

Now, with how cruel children (and people) can be when someone is a little different, there were fans that wondered why she would want this life for her son. Fortunately, she anticipated that question and explained why she liked Jackson being different. And, why she hoped he would embrace it one day.

Jackson I pray that you notice that you are different. That God has set you apart from all other people. I pray you’re different in how you see and love others. I pray that you’re different in the choices you make to keep God close to your heart. I pray you’re different in how you solve problems and arguments. I pray that you think differently about how the world works and adaptations that can be made.

LPBW fans react to Tori’s post

In the comments, fans agreed that Jackson Roloff was a lucky guy to have such a caring mother. They reassured Tori she was doing a great job raising Jackson. And, they agreed God did a perfect job creating him just the way he was meant to be. Some fans even shared relatable stories about how their own children were a little different in the off chance the stories helped Tori in some way.

Jackson Roloff playing soccer [Source: Tori Roloff's Instagram]
Jackson Roloff playing soccer [Source: Tori Roloff’s Instagram]

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