UK’s Pilot Programme To Test Four Days Workweek Is Winning Hearts

Recently, a pilot program was held in the United Kingdom that might have given the idea of working four days a week for the same salary, and people are swooning over the idea. This was a trial that became the world’s largest Trial of the Four Days Workweek and attracted a lot of companies to take part in the trial.

This trial was favored by most supervisors of big companies, and the convenience of this system made them introduce this arrangement in their workplace. Among the employees who participated in this trial, about 15% of them surrendered to the idea. They also said that they would choose this arrangement of working only four days a week over earning more money.

This pilot was organized by the famous advocacy group 4 Day Week Global, and about 3000 employees participated in the trial. The Advocacy group organized the pilot in collaboration with the researchers of the University of Cambridge and Boston University and another group of researchers called the Autonomy.

The pilot presented different methods by which the companies can choose to reduce the working hours of the employees. They can give their employees off for one day a week or reduce the working hours by making it 32 hours per week. The companies can also shorten the working days of the employees in a year. This way, they can reduce the pressure on the employees and also give them a hundred percent of their salary.

The result of this six months trial was published recently. The resignations from the company decrease, and revenue increases to about a whopping 35 percent. The employees were also able to lead healthy lives. They got better sleep and managed their stress levels effortlessly, and focused on their personal life in a better way.

There were a total of 61 companies that participated in the pilot, of which about 56 companies agreed to keep the arrangement of four days Workweek even after the trial ended. About 16 companies decided to keep the arrangement permanently. Two of the 61 companies wanted to continue the trial to observe for a longer period of time, and only three of them chose not to implement it in their companies.

The system of four days Workweek has proved to be a great solution for employee burnout. It has helped to reduce resignations drastically and encouraged healthy and flexible work practices.