Vanessa Lachey sends flowers to ‘Love Is Blind’ star after he accuses her of bias

Vanessa Lachey sent “Love Is Blind” star Paul Peden a bouquet of red roses after he accused her of having a “personal bias” during the reunion.

During the Season 4 reunion of the Netflix show, Lachey was accused of taking sides when Peden explained that he dumped ex-fiancé Micah Lussier because he couldn’t see her as a mother.

However, following days’ worth of criticism against the actress, Peden took to Instagram Stories to thank her for “acknowledging the accidental misleading” while sharing a snap of the bouquet she sent him.

Reps for the actress did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment.

flowers on a table with Hollywood buildings in background
Vanessa Lachey apologized to Paul Peden following the “Love Is Blind” Season 4 reunion.

Earlier this month, Peden shocked “Love Is Blind” fans after he broke up with Lussier at the altar, claiming he couldn’t see her as a mother.

He then clarified his statement on Sunday’s heavily-delayed reunion episode, sharing that his statement was “unfairly” phrased “towards [Lussier].”

“I think a better way to phrase that is I can’t envision us as parents,” he explained.

Paul Peden sitting in chair during reunion taping
The dating show contestant claimed that Lachey showed “personal bias” while questioning him.

Despite many agreeing that Peder shouldn’t have married Lussier, fans called out Lachey’s grilling tactics, as well as her apparent bias against the former and softness towards the latter.

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“The fact that Zack had to interject and defend Paul during the reunion, bc [sic] Vanessa Lachey was too busy grilling him instead of Micah is INSANE. You can tell she was pissed by that,” one Twitter user wrote.

Paul and Micah on wedding day, in wedding clothing
Peden faced backlash after leaving Micah Lussier at the altar, explaining that he couldn’t see her as a mother.

Another viewer called out Lachey’s bias, writing, “Vanessa Lachey really complied [sic] a BULLYING montage of Micah and Irina and then looked Paul DEAD IN THE EYES and asked him why he didn’t think Micah was nurturing and why he didn’t see her as the mother of his children!!!”

Fans weren’t the only ones who expressed their discomfort with Lachey, 42, as Peder, 29, told People that it felt that her hosting methods came off as an “interrogation on issues” — specifically “very key inflammatory points” — rather than open dialogue.

“It was drilling into these things, and I don’t know,” he continued. “In all, it’s alright. I think that no matter what you say, no matter what the conversation is, your character comes through in what you say.”

Vanessa Lachey selfie
Fans responded to Lachey’s line of questioning for Peden as well, pointing out her apparent sympathy for Lussier.

He further said that he “detected a little bit of personal bias there” and slammed her for not presenting as “an objective neutral party.”

“But I think it’s fair to continue follow-up questions. But if we’re going to go that route, we need to be able to have a full length conversation,” he concluded.

Following what was deemed a chaotic reunion, fans have called for Vanessa and Nick, 49, to be removed as hosts of “Love Is Blind.”

Nick and Vanessa Lachey
Fans have since demanded that Nick and Vanessa Lachey be replaced as hosts of “Love Is Blind.”

One viewer chimed in on the hosts, tweeting, “Unpopular opinion but Nick and Vanessa are bad hosts who are clearly biased.”

“This Reunion just feels so awkward. Doesn’t seem like there is any flow, hosts way too biased, it’s just weird,” another Twitter user wrote.

Nick and Vanessa — who began hosting the show at its launch in 2020 and have been married since 2011 — have remained quiet about the backlash, but notably turned off the comments on their social media pages.