Up to 41 dead due to cold and storm in the USA

Temperatures were in the double digits below zero in many regions. With icy winds and heavy fast fall, the situation was life-threatening in some places, especially in and around the Great Lakes region in the northeastern United States and on the border with Canada. Hundreds of thousands of households were without power.

The storm hit the city of Buffalo, for example, which lies on the shores of Lake Erie in New York State, with all its force. Heavy snowfall and hurricane-force winds created conditions on the roads where motorists could lose their bearings due to extremely limited visibility. Many people were trapped in their homes and cars. Police and fire departments were at times barely able to respond to emergency calls.

In the hard-hit Buffalo region alone, the number of victims rose to twelve, according to the “New York Times” and “Washington Post.” The oldest victim was 93 years old, the youngest 26. The dead were discovered in homes and on the street, said Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz.