Weird creature seen wallowing on Florida doorbell camera. ‘Scared the heck out of me’

Something pink and fleshy was seen rubbing itself across a Florida home’s doorbell camera, leading to social media speculation that an invasive species is crawling across the home’s walls after dark.

Dean Gordon shared video of the incident March 12 on the Lehigh Acres FL Community Bulletin Board Facebook page, a public group with 30,000 followers.

It shows the mysterious creature appeared to shape shift in the six seconds it wallowed on the lens, and was close enough to block any view of the yard.

“Does anyone know what this might be,” Gordon wrote. “Scared the heck out of me last night.”

It happened at 1:40 a.m., he added, and the doorbell notification woke him up.

“My first thought was a human hand and then an octopus,” he posted.

It does appear to have fingers at one point, but then becomes almost formless as it continues to wiggle.

Commenters threw out countless possibilities, from spider to gecko. One even suggested a crab.

However, the consensus appeared to be an invasive “varmint” with suction cups on its feet.

“Frog. Most likely a Cuban,” Katlin Tyer wrote.

“They hang out on my (Ring) camera as well,” Penny Hahn Losey posted.

“Happened to me too!” Janie Miller said.

At least one person advised Gordon things may get worse.

“You think that’s bad wait till it jumps on your neck when you’re walking by the camera,” JT Tompkins posted.

Cuban treefrogs are an invasive species that appeared in Florida in 1931 and have spread to 36 of the state’s 67 counties, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. They are noxious, nocturnal and females grow to 5 inches in length, experts say.

The frogs have skin secretions “which can irritate the mucous membranes of humans,” the state says.

Lehigh Acres is in Lee County, about 140 miles south of Tampa.

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