Will Amy Robach & TJ Holmes Join ‘DWTS’ Season 32?

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Amy Robach and TJ Holmes could join Dancing with the Stars. The dance competition is looking for the most talked about reality stars. As Lone Tree Voice previously reported, Vanderpump Rules co-star Ariana Madix is close to signing a contract. The fired GMA3 co-anchors also pitched their idea to the Disney Plus series. Find out what happened.

Rejected by DWTS?

According to a new report via RadarOnline.com, Dancing with the Stars producers rejected Amy Robach and TJ Holmes’ pitch. The former Good Morning America co-hosts want to join Season 32, but they’ve been rejected already. They think they were the perfect shoo-in since the show is looking for memorable talent.

As Lone Tree Voice previously reported, the duo has been pitching various show ideas. Some of those ideas include headlining their own talk show. However, the networks want to stay away from the couple because of their steamy GMA affair. TJ Holmes and Amy Robach were married to their respective spouses when they were caught canoodling throughout New York in late November 2022, which led to their firing in January 2023.

TJ Holmes & Amy Robach [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

“Those two had totally convinced themselves they were the new Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton and job offers would come flooding in, but so far all their meetings with TV execs have resulted in a big fat nothing,” an insider told RadarOnline.com.

However, they keep getting rejected. It’s clear that Dancing with the Stars wants nothing to do with Amy Robach or TJ Holmes because the show is still part of the ABC family. They want to keep their family-friendly image since the show streams on the platform that’s also the home of popular kids movies and television shows. DWTS doesn’t think it’s appropriate to invite them into the ballroom after their firing.

Amy Robach & TJ Holmes pitch different networks

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes previously pitched CBS and CNN. Both of the networks rejected them. They haven’t had luck since their firing. Some fans think the pair should release their own podcast instead.

TJ Holmes, Amy Robach & Dr. Jen Ashton [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

However, they think their chemistry would translate better on-screen. Amy and TJ are aware that they’re a good-looking couple and feel that it could lead to massive ratings. One of their rumored pitches was an “up close and personal” daytime talk show that could rival Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos. However, nobody wants to touch that idea.

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes can’t see themselves with a career in television. Last month, an insider told RadarOnline.com that they “remain confident another network or cable channel will see the value in their undeniable chemistry.” Do you think Amy and TJ should join the new season of Dancing with the Stars? Sound off below in the comment section.

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